We all know that the traction machine is the device that powers the elevator. In the past, most of the traction machines were powered by DC motors, which had high energy consumption, short service life and loud noise pollution.

Nowadays, with the continuous innovation of elevator technology, elevator products such as passenger elevators, machine room passenger elevators, home elevators, and machine room freight elevators are all A permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is used. Compared with the traditional asynchronous traction machine, the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine is directly driven, without the worm wheel and the worm drive pair, the transmission efficiency is higher, the energy consumption is smaller, and the space is saved. At the same time, the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine is driven at low speed and has no fan and no worm gear noise, which can reduce air noise pollution.

In addition, in terms of lighting, many elevator companies have abandoned traditional incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and other lighting tools, using a new generation of lighting sources – LED energy-saving lamps, low power, no heat, and can achieve a variety of shape design and optical The effect is beautiful.

At the same time, when the elevator is in the standby state, although the floor display system is always in working state, the sleep technology can be used to automatically turn off or halve the brightness, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving. Of course, in addition, according to the person in charge, “Traditional lamps will cause mercury pollution after being discarded. LED energy-saving lamps are environmentally friendly and contain no mercury. They can be recycled and reused after being discarded, which is safe and environmentally friendly.”