The decoration materials have a great influence on the decoration of the elevator, such as the plastic-coated steel plate, the colored steel plate, the etched steel plate, the sprayed steel plate, the painted steel plate, the PVC floor for the floor, and the root can be ended without adding components and thickness. Decoration style, satisfied with the elevator decoration requirements of most residential and business places.

The weight of the high-end decoration and the thickness of the decoration are generally relatively large. For example, the marble floor, the wood decoration, the marble honeycomb aluminum plate, the lacquered glass, the decoration mirror, etc. will add more weight, and add more burden to the elevator host traction talent, and may also Affect the elevator balance coefficient, and therefore must have a certain control over the components. It is necessary to do the accounting in the whole ladder planning, and add the decorative component when the contract is processed. The thickness of the decoration affects the space inside the car, and tries to plan a thinner decoration layer to make the net space satisfactory to the national standard.

The decorating plan should be humanized:

1.The stainless steel edge is sharper and needs to be edged, and the car should try not to have a sharp concave and convex plan;

2.The height of the handrail is suitable, and the ends should be rounded as far as possible;

3.The orientation of the operating panel of the disabled should take into account the use of the disabled for the use of the disabled;

4.The lighting plan in the car should not be directed at strong light, and soft light planning should be used as much as possible;

5.The decoration materials should be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and try to use flame retardant materials.