When the bed elevator picks up the information of the car, it is necessary to prevent corrosion. Because there are many patients touching in the medical elevator, the demand is often disinfected inside the car. The inner wall of the car, the ground, the ceiling, the handrails, etc. all touch some chemicals, so the materials that can prevent corrosion are required to decorate the interior of the car.

Secondly, the appropriate anti-collision buffering treatment should be applied to the door door cover and the front wall of the car, so that the door door cover and the front wall of the car can be maintained, and the impact at the time of collision can be alleviated, and the patient on the hospital bed can be maintained. Others, in the decoration style of the car can not make the patient feel cold and horror, to be able to show a warm and comfortable feeling, so that patients can temporarily forget or reduce the physical pain.

The decoration of the home elevator is more concerned with the people of different ages and different civilizations. Children’s play in the car may collide with the armrest or the car wall; chalk may be difficult to operate in the selection due to poor gaze; people with low nature may smoke in the car causing fire; drunk people may The car, hall door and operating panel are damaged. Other home elevators may be hit by items such as furniture and bicycles.

Therefore, when decorating the living ladder, the car wall decoration should consider some buffering materials, but it is not suitable to use wood and other flammable materials for decoration. The buttons and floor indicators of the inner panel of the car should be suitable for the size, and the more dazzling colors should be selected, taking into account that they have high damage resistance and safety after being damaged.

The decoration of the villa elevator is more personalized, which can fully express the characteristics of the owner’s personal hobbies, aesthetics, age, and operation planning. The decoration in the car should be able to complement the whole home. It can be integrated into the whole house decoration function in color distribution and appearance, and it is visually fresh and bright.