Following the construction specifications, the progress of elevator safety regulations and the rapid opening of elevator skills, the elevator structure has been continuously transformed. The elevator decoration is not only planned to be beautiful, but also the opening trend of the structure. The following is a brief introduction from the requirements of the elevator structure in the elevator structure.

In order to take advantage of the high utilization rate of the building hoistway, the elevator structure becomes more and more compact. The car wall equipment is more in-line type structure, the space between the hoistway wall and the car wall is small, and the operator cannot go to the rear of the car equipment. The method of personnel accessing equipment in the hoistway has gradually become unapplicable. The trend of decorating the car:

1.Before the factory, it is installed with the base car wall. The site is the same as the conventional equipment. The car wall adds the thickness and weight of the decoration.

2.Renovation of the old ladder from the beginning, similar to the home decoration, it is necessary to consider the perfection of the decoration and splicing of the decoration materials in the car (some new ladders can also use this method, after the construction site equipment is good, the car interior decoration equipment in the car ).

The new specification is aimed at the requirement that the elevator in the living room can be placed in the stretcher. The car specification is close to being thin and long or narrow. However, the net size of the elevator in the market is about 1600X1500, which is close to the square. Therefore, most of the original decoration of the original plan is Not applicable to these car specifications, the corresponding residential ladder decoration style needs to be planned for this demand.