There is a certain requirement for the ventilation of the car, because the elevator is a narrow space with a closed space, and generally requires an equipment fan or an air conditioner for ventilation. When considering the beauty of the decoration planning, it is necessary to consider such a demand. Reasonable ventilation methods and air outlets should be planned to ensure that fresh air can be transported to the car well. In the southern part of the car, because of the high temperature in summer, the closed car assumes that there is no active wind, which usually makes the passenger feel very hot and irritated. Therefore, when planning the outlet, the air volume should be larger.

For the lighting requirements of the car, it is necessary to consider the equipment lighting for the planning of the roof decoration of the car. Pay attention to the requirements of the lamps: the common input voltage is 220V, it is necessary to have 3C certification; and the input is safe voltage below 36V, can not 3C certification. . Commonly used lamps have three color temperatures: cool white (color temperature 6000-6500K), neutral light (color temperature 4000-4500K), warm light (color temperature 2700-3000K), different color temperatures according to different decoration styles. LED lamps have become more and more popular because of their long life, high stability, high energy conversion efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. The use of LED lamps in elevator cars is an irresistible trend, and energy conservation has become a highlight of the sale.

With the opening of scientific skills, safe, reliable, comfortable and convenient, green, intelligent, and humanized elevators have become the trend of opening. Together with the progress of people’s daily life, the demand for spiritual civilization is constantly improving, which puts forward higher requirements for the elevator decoration planning. The elevator decoration should be closely followed by the opening of the age, and constantly satisfy people’s needs.