The essential difference between home elevators and standard passenger elevators in public places is that home elevators are elevators for private use and belong to non-standard customized products. Therefore, the size of the home elevator can be designed differently according to the actual site location. Traction type home elevators are generally classified into 260KG, 320KG, and 400KG. 260KG is generally an elevator with a relatively small car size. As long as the use area of ​​the car does not exceed the national standard upper limit of 1.6 square meters, home elevators can be designed. If the position where the elevator is installed is reserved for 1100mm wide X1100mm deep, then the elevator car can be 700mm wide X700mm deep. This size is a relatively small size. At the same time, the hoistway of an elevator that is too small needs to be constructed with steel structures to minimize the size of the location.

If the location where the elevator is installed is not limited, then the size of the elevator car can be 1200mm wide by 1300mm deep, and the net size of the reserved space must be 1800mm wide by 1600mm deep. If the size of the reserved space is too large, it is not necessary, after all, the elevator size cannot exceed 1.6 square meters.

The door opening methods of traction home elevators are divided into automatic doors and pull doors. The door opening method of pull door is not as convenient as automatic door in use. Therefore, if the position width permits, most people will consider designing elevators based on automatic door. Taking a door with a clear width of 700mm as an example, if the elevator is designed according to the automatic center door, the required width of the hoistway is 1550mm. Then the required well width is 1100mm.

“What is the minimum size of a home elevator?” Depending on the brand used by the owner, different brands and models have different minimum sizes. In addition, what kind of home elevator is used, the specifications and sizes are also different. Specific analysis should be based on the actual situation of the owner.