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What are the maintenance tips for home elevators

1. Elevator consists of two parts: mechanical and electrical. If the elevator is not maintained on a daily basis, the safety of the elevator will not be guaranteed. If the elevator needs to be refueled without refueling, it will cause wear and damage to the elevator...

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Reasons for abnormal conditions of home elevators

Home elevators, in the duplex home environment of many people, in order to achieve different decorative effects, they will also install some elevators in their homes, this is what we usually call home elevators. After using the elevator for a period of time, there...

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Which parts of the home elevator need lubrication

For toothed traction elevators, the reduction gear box of the traction system is used to reduce the output speed of the traction machine and increase the output torque. There are many types of reduction gear box structures for traction systems. Commonly used are worm...

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Maintenance of the elevator is very critical

For an elevator, if you want to maintain a good operating state, no accidents or fewer accidents, in addition to the quality of the elevator itself, daily maintenance is also very critical. Safety preparation before maintenance: After the elevator maintenance...

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How does the elevator work?

Elevators have been around for over 150 years.  In the 1800s, new iron and steel production processes revolutionized the world of construction. With sturdy metal beams as their building blocks, architects and engineers could erect monumental skyscrapers hundreds of...

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